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A lot of tools online promise a massive productivity boost, but only a few actually keep up on that bold promise: Raycast is definitely one of them and I personally am an avid user of the tool!

For those that got curious, Raycast is a virtual command center meant to replace the bland Mac Spotlight search with an incredible set of tools such as inline currency conversions, timezone conversions, superior file search and anything else that comes to your mind right at the tips of your fingers!

Youtuber Christian Lempa has a great video about Raycast and how it helped him transform his workflow; you'll find everything I want you to know in that video and more!

You'll find that it comes out of the box with a lot of things, but you'll immediately want to customize it to integrate the tools that you use on a daily basis, for which they have an amazing set of extensions in their official Raycast store.

Some of my favourite extensions, in no particular order, are:

Seriously, have a look at the Raycast store because if you thought of anything you'd want to launch and do with one simple command, it probably already exists!

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